My daughter (age 6) needs a paper mache dinosaur for school.

She chose to make a T-Rex.

I’ve glued together a skeleton for her to paper mache over, using some soft drinks bottles, other waste plastic and a hot glue gun.


I was suprised that it balanced on its own (although that was my 3rd attempt at the tail).


My wife suggested that I could do something with a Pi, so I’ve cloned Scott Garner’s magnificent beetbox project and changed a few details to get some roaring going on.


I’ll add some permanent wires into the skeleton before the paper mache is done, perhaps tinfoil touchpads.

First layer of paper mache applied:


Head and legs.




Some paint sprayed on, a layer of sand colour followed by a layer of green and a final sparse spray of sand again to break up the colour. The underside has more sand with a light touch of green to break it up.

tmp_21685-20150130_065547765584883 tmp_21685-20150130_065609863242178 tmp_21685-20150130_0655591743623383 tmp_21685-20150130_065619526823776

And here’s a clip of it in action:



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