Raspberry pi Dalek

Moving stuff around

I decided to make the USB and HDMI ports available externally by pulling plugs out of the blue domes, so I put together some USB extenders:


Positioned them in the shell.


and glued the USB ports to the Dalek Casing. (more glue on order, I’m down to my last two sticks).


Check the position of the Pi in its new home


and solder on the USB plugs, Hot glue again to reinforce the connection and avoid any risk of shorting.


all plugged in and nowhere to go…


Raspberry pi Dalek

Raspberry pi Dalek

I got a raspberry pi for my birthday,  but what to do with it?


Use it as the brains of a wifi controlled / autonomous robot dalek of course!


I bought this radio controlled dalek for my wife years ago, but the internal aerial had snapped and it wasn’t very good anyway (it’s twin brother is very slow and has since been vandalised by nephews).

tmp_2014-06-07 12.02.02-1988540095


Firstly I took it back out of the box and took a photo of it holding the pi, for size comparison.

tmp_2014-06-07 12.03.10258238158


The next step was to strip apart the shell and put in the new components

tmp_2014-06-07 12.12.13-2017132862

I had previously dismantled the dalek, I’m not sure where i put the innards,  but i dont need them anymore anyway.


I used a glue gun and a Stanley knife and attached the new wheels to the base. tmp_2014-06-07 22.59.37225858430

I found a convenient point to put the raspberry pi in the middle of the Dalek, the Wifi dongle sticks out the back.

after reassembly everything fits inside.

2014-06-08 11.54.35 Full Size image


it moves!

Still needed:

a battery,

better programming,

remote control from android devices

turret control

turret LEDs connected