Codebuggy rolls on

I’ve been making some progress with building my Codebuggy (Robot chassis for a codebug).


I’ve stripped a USB powerbank out of it’s shell and hot-glued it onto the chassis. I rotated the circuit board so that the USB socket was facing upward and I’ve covered it in hot-glue to make it safe for (and from) little fingers.


I made up an interface board to connect the servos and the codebug to the USB powerbank.

After a few hours I added a powerswitch to my interface board, making it easier to turn off the CodeBuggy (it runs off fairly quickly).

I’m having a problem adjusting the speed of the servos, they don’t respond correctly to changes in the program.


Still to do:

Replace experimenters kit croc clip leads with short connectors to codebug legs;

Improve control program.


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